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Jesus Our High Priest – legally!

Only a priest could offer sacrifices, and only the High Priest could make atonement for sin.  Pastor Brett shows how Jesus was legally the High Priest when He offered Himself as a sacrifice for our sins.  How? The acting Jewish High Priest gave up the priesthood by doing one thing against the law when he […]


Strange Fire – Leviticus 10:1-3

Why did God strike down Aaron’s sons when they offered ‘strange fire’ to the LORD?  What was that ‘strange fire’?  Pastor Brett gives us the Biblical meaning of strange fire.


Experiencing the Glory of God Part 4


Experiencing the Glory of God Part III

What is the glory of God?  Pastor Brett answers that question and continues our study on the the seven steps Aaron and his sons had to go through to experience the Glory of God. If you feel defeated, stagnate, and just not growing in your walk with Jesus, these are steps needed to press on […]


Experiencing the Glory of God Part II

7 Steps to experiencing the Glory of God in your life. As Aaron and his sons were ordained in Leviticus chapters 8-9, there are seven things they did that allowed them to become ordained, anointed as priests, and experience God’s glory.


Experiencing the Glory of God – Pentecost Sunday 2017

Pastor Brett preaching on Pentecost – experiencing the Glory of God in your daily life. Oh, saints of God, we are joint heirs with Jesus and are ordained as Royal Priests! Pentecost – the giving of the law in Exodus and the outpouring of the the Holy Spirit in Acts, is a pivotal feast. Law […]


Taking the Oath – The Anointing and Ordination

We are Royal Priests, Ambassadors of God’s Kingdom, and active duty soldiers in God’s army.  We will reign with Christ for 1000 years on this earth.  It’s time to start asking God for the baptism and anointing of the Holy Spirit and start experiencing the fruit of the Spirit in your life!  And not just […]


We Have Royalty In Our Veins – Leviticus 8

Do you realize that as a Christian, you are a Royal Priest, a joint heir with Jesus, and an Ambassador of light? You indeed have royalty in your veins!  Join us as Pastor Brett preaches on Leviticus chapter 8, regarding the ordination of the Levitical priests and how we are Royal Priests in the New […]


Mother’s Day 2017

What you wear becomes the perception of who you are to those around you.  The clothes of a Godly woman – Strength – Dignity – Wisdom – Righteousness – Power


Guest Pastor Sam Parsons

Pastor Sam Parsons preaching at Living Water.

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