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We Have Royalty In Our Veins – Leviticus 8

Do you realize that as a Christian, you are a Royal Priest, a joint heir with Jesus, and an Ambassador of light? You indeed have royalty in your veins!  Join us as Pastor Brett preaches on Leviticus chapter 8, regarding the ordination of the Levitical priests and how we are Royal Priests in the New […]


Mother’s Day 2017

What you wear becomes the perception of who you are to those around you.  The clothes of a Godly woman – Strength – Dignity – Wisdom – Righteousness – Power


Guest Pastor Sam Parsons

Pastor Sam Parsons preaching at Living Water.


Prayer Changes Things – 5 Sacrifices in the New Covenant

Five sacrifices in the New Testament, New Covenant.  Today, Pastor Brett gets into the first two of the 5.  Those are Tithes and Prayer/Praise.  And in prayer, there are prayers God doesn’t hear, and there are things you can do to make sure God hears your prayers.  Prayer really does change things!  You have not, […]


How Could an all Powerful and all Loving God allow Suffering

How could a all powerful and all loving God allow evil, pain, and suffering in the world? This is the most profound argument against the belief in God. What does the Bible say about this important question? Watch and see!


Proof Jesus Lived, Died, and Rose Again

Yes, several Roman historians record the fact that Jesus lived and died under Pontius Pilate.  Pastor Brett gives us all the extra-Biblical proof that Jesus lived, died, and rose again.  He is risen!  Faith is belief + proof – and here’s the proof!


Palm Sunday Prophecy and Why Most Christians are Duped

Daniel gave a specific prophecy about when Messiah would come – and Jesus totally fulfilled that prophecy!  But why do most Christians celebrate ‘Good Friday’?  If Jesus was in the tomb three days and three nights, how could He have been crucified on Good Friday?  Fact of the matter is He couldn’t have and most […]


The Sacrifice of Praise – Experiencing Freedom in Christ

What is ‘sacrifice’? Pastor Brett delves into the Biblical principal of sacrifice, and the two sacrifices God expects us to give in the New Covenant. And in the process, we are set free and experience abundant life in Jesus!


Pastor Chris Brunt – Galatians Chpt. 3

We had some technical difficulties so only the last 6 minutes of the message was recorded.


The Peace Offering

Leviticus 3 is all about the peace offering, the only sacrifice about having peace and fellowship with God and one another.  It is also the only offering that a male or female animal could be sacrificed.  It is all about experiencing God’s peace.

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