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The Feasts of the Lord – Leviticus 23-25

We apologize for the poor sound quality of this sermon – it will be fixed by next Sunday.  Blessings!  Pastor Brett preaching on the 8 feasts (yes, there is eight, not seven), and how they all point to Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ).  Should Christians celebrate the feasts of the Lord?  What prophetic meaning do […]


God’s Love & Holiness – Playing by The Rules – Super Bowl Sunday Sermon

Super Bowl Sunday Sermon – Pastor Brett talks about God’s rule book for life – and the many verses that compare Christians to athletes and soldiers, as well as His demand for Holiness – playing by the rules!


The Outlaw Christian

What law will you obey – God’s law or man’s law?  What should we do when man’s laws go against God’s laws?  The founders of the USA stated that when the pillars of Christianity be removed from this nation, as a Christian nation, democracy will fall.  The laws of the Old and New Testament are […]


The Power of Prayer & Fasting

Pastor Brett preaching on the importance of praying and fasting!


Your Salvation is Secure

Pastor Chris Brunt preaching out of I Peter – your salvation is secure in the Lord!


Current Events & Bible Prophecy – Prophecy Update 2018

Pastor Brett goes over the current geopolitical climate as it relates to and lines up with what the Bible says it will be like in the last days or end times.   Everything that’s happening in the world right now was predicted in the Bible!  You’ve gotta see this!!!!!


New Beginnings – Bringing in 2018

The winds of change are blowing – but God never changes!


Christmas – When the Sacred Became the Simple – God became flesh

What Christmas is really about.


Jerusalem and the Feast of Lights

What about President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?  What about Hanukkah – the Feast of dedication and lights?  The importance of these two events in light of God’s jubilees and Biblical prophecy.


Winds of Change – Preparing for Change in 2018

Winds of change are blowing, and 2018 will be a year of change.  Are you prepared for a new beginning?  A fresh start?  Pastor Brett preaching on how to prepare for the winds of change coming in 2018.

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